Thursday, January 12, 2012

This story (copied from "doctor hangout" ) is really nice,yall.. :) hurm,I think,I’ll be a very busy person 1 day InsyAllah and I really hope that this story will never happen to my beloved future generations << aiseh generations gitu,eceh! Hehe..

A Tired man came home late frm his whole day hardwork..
his 5yr old son was waiting 4 him at a door.

SON- dad,may i ask a ques ??


SON-dad,how much do u make an hour??

DAD- dats nt ur busineess...

SON-plz tell me

DAD-20$ per hour.

SON-dad may i plz borrow 10$?

Dad got angry n shouted on d kid 2 go to bed. the little boy went 2 d room n shut d door.

after sometym man got calm n he went to kid's room n said- sorry for being so hard
here is ur 10$ u asked for.

kid smiled - oh thank you daddy!

then boy took out som coins he had kept under d pillow, he counted them n said- dad i hav 20$ nw . can i buy an hour of ur time??

pls come home early tomorrow. i wud like 2 hav dinner wid u'''

''MORAL- plz give tym 2 people who u luv'''

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  1. can i have ur time cik Aizahh..? keh3..aku baru dpt baca habis entry ni..hri tu baca sikt je..