Monday, January 2, 2012


I just read a news. A news about immoralities among muslims nowadays!! Some parties may have said that was not really any of my business. I don’t care what they said because I care what I’ve read.

Let’s play fairly with a strong sense of justice<< that was what I told to myself shortly after reading the news. Maybe they (who wrote and shared the news) want others ( particularly the readers) to open our mind and heart so that we won’t get involved in this kind of totally immoral behaviors/manners. That’s good! yes, I realized, Alhamdulillah I can feel the spirit. But still, deep down in my heart (I don’t know why )I kind of disagree on the way to make people know what is right and what is wrong to do (regarding MUSLIM lifestyle) by showing and exposing others’ ‘aib’ . At least hide the sinners’ names. ‘Hate the sin not the sinner’.

It’s about the dignity of the family, relatives and people who are in close relation with this immoral people. Try to think of their feelings. ( What do u feel if people keep their distances from you and keep pointing you on the fault that was not yours? ).

If u can make use of fb/twitter or any other social networks to spread of this news, why don’t u make use of these social networks to personally express your humble opinion, telling the truth to this related people?? So that u can bring them back to the real way of ISLAM, InsyAllah.. There are a lot of ways to be taken rather than this insulting act right?

Ohh Mr. & Mrs. Gossipers out there, let me tell u this >> If we really want to show off, then show our HUMANITY, If we really want to hide something, then hide others’ ‘aib’ ( undeniable, mistake is mistake, that must be corrected.<< Yes, I agree).

Islam agama mendidik,bukan mengekang. Mengapa pilih menyakiti andai kelembutan penyelesaian yang sama?Saya yakin, Allah tidak hairan dengan dosa hambanya yang melangit tinggi, selaut meluas..kerana Allah MAHA pengampun. Namun apa yang harus dihairankan,mengapa kita yang membuat kesilapan,tidak mahu memohon keampunan dan berubah ke arah kebenaran.

Semoga kita dilindungi daripada perkara-perkara yang meng’aib’kan diri dan orang lain serta kerja-kerja yang meng’aib’kan orang lain.amin Ya Robb.. Wallahua’lam..

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